Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My demographic

What's my dating demographic? Apparently, guys 20-26. Also, young black males. These guys must really have an older woman fantasy. I currently have 3 boys in their EARLY twenties hotly pursuing me. I don't know what their expectations might be, but they might be disappointed here. I'm more like them than they realize. Sad, but true. This lady doesn't exactly act her age. If you've seen my apartment, you'll confirm this fact. It's like a teenage hangout. Lots of Hello Kitty and pictures of hot actors hanging on the wall. These boys are probably expecting some together, sexy lady like Samantha on Sex & The City. I'm more Miranda with Carrie's quirkiness. However, I think I'm not bad in the bedroom. Haha. Hey-oh! Anyway, not happening here. I do love the shit out of guys in their twenties. My last two boyfriends were 27. My youngest "conquest" was 21. Scandalous, I know. Guys in their thirties aren't as in shape or energetic. They leave very amusing messages. Some samples- "You're sexy as hell, babe", "I want a taste of you" and the best, "Holy boner". Hours of amusement for me. It remains to be seen if I will ever take any of them up on their offers. We'll see.