Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glass houses?

I got a message today on the dating site. He talked about how surprised he was that I mentioned Cthulhu. He thought he was one of the few familiar with H.P. Lovecraft. Whatevs. He, then talked about his interest in psychology & sociopaths. I completely judged him as a weirdo. Then I realized I just judged myself because those are the things i'm interested in. Why is it ok for me but it makes this guy a psycho? I completely put people under a microscope. Is this wrong? Honestly, I never used to be this jaded. I blame working in retail & He Who Shall Not Be Named. I've turned into an asshole. How do I ever hope to find someone under these harsh standards? The asshole part of me has always been there, just buried under lots of goodwill & niceness. It's ok, the nice is dead. Today I wished out loud that the old man driving slow in front of me had been taken out by a sniper in Vietnam ( I could see his veteran's hat in his window). Who thinks this shit? What's wrong with me?!
I found that the whole men who love bitches philosophy is completely true. There were two guys sending me messages that I sometimes ignored and, most of the time, I was just rude or indifferent. They ate it up. I've never had men pursue me so hard. What's wrong with men? Why this weird game? If I'm nice & cordial to a guy, it's a no to little response. You're freaks. Worse than me and I'm a true weirdo. Apparently, you have to be an ass to get a man's attention. Now I know I'll get some upset responses by you men with your panties in a bunch. But, think about how you really are. Really think about it. I know for a fact that two of my best relationships failed because I was such a nice, compliant girlfriend. You guys want some spice & feistiness. You don't want nice & happy. That's bland. Don't disagree. It's true. Well, the next guy is going to get his dream- a raging jerk. Quit reading this & take the fucking garbage out for your wife/girlfriend! Eh? Pretty good, huh?