Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gold-digger? Not

If you talk to a lot of women, they want a guy who is good on paper. You know, good job, nice car, lots of expendable money. That was something that never appealed to me. With the exception of one, all of my past boyfriends have been unemployed when I met them. It's because I think completely with my heart & not with my head at all. In the end, it might be as bad as the gold-diggers. I'll probably just shoot myself in the foot looking for a guy based solely on attraction & personality. Money just isn't that important to me. It's nice, pays the bills. Ok, money is awesome. But, I can't be with a man just for money. I've met guys that could take care of me, but I wasn't attracted to them. And I can't fake it. Where's the spark? Sure, a ring is nice to look at but it's nothing compared to a kiss. Gay, I know. I hear horror stories of girls that stay with guys to get some monetary goal & it makes me sad. Maybe I'll find my dream man at the thrift store. Probably not, unless I'm attracted to men who look like the bastard son of Kenny Rogers and Kenny Powers. Ew.