Monday, February 23, 2015

Sometimes you need to be called a babe

  Let me tell you how unattractive I feel lately. I've been in the same clothes for two days. These are the clothes I sleep in. I'm reaching a pathetic state. The other day, I shaved but only because I was going to the doctor. In case I had to disrobe at all, I didn't want anyone to be horrified at the sight of the hair protruding from under my arms or my sasquatch like legs. I didn't have to undress, but I did find out I most likely have kidney stones. Here, I was hoping I just had a backache and a urinary tract infection. When I questioned the doctor, he laughed and said "Oh, it's definitely your kidney", you know, because it's a laugh riot.
  It's also the worst winter I can recall. Of course, I live in a place on a huge hill with a ton of steps and I have to shovel. My downstairs neighbor and I take turns. She's young and full of energy. I shovel slower and less efficiently than my elderly neighbor. Maybe because I adopt a Groucho Marx stance as I shovel. That's why I was hoping I just had a backache. When it's not snowing, the temperature is reaching below negative degrees. At this rate, I may as well live in Iceland. There's probably better dating opportunities there anyway.
  Speaking of- there's nothing to speak of in the dating life. I have unsuccessfully tried for a third date with this one guy. We had two great ones and we get along famously. But, he's flaked out three times for the third date. The third time is not a charm. The other day, he told me he's trying to get himself together before he "brings someone else into his life". I completely respect that, however, I think it's a death note to this whole thing. It's a shame. We had chemistry and really got each other.
  I joined another dating site, more for something to do rather than truly expecting anything out of it. On the bright side, they sent an email saying that I was one of the most attractive people on the site due to clicks to my profile and reactions in their quickmatch. Great. There are a couple of good matches on there, but, I really don't hold out hope. I will say, though, that when I'm feeling down, it's nice to read a funny/complimentary message. One guy wrote that he's "never done anything like this before, but you're a babe, so I'm trying", suggesting a hook up. While I'm vehemently opposed to the idea, it was nice to be called a babe when I'm feeling gross. I'm not even sure if I'm ready to bring a man into my life. I devote my attention to my kid and I feel even that's not enough. So, if something happens, it happens. Honestly, I'm ok. It's nice to hear some compliments and be doted on. I'll take that. That never gets old.