Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Male friends vs. female friends

Lately I've been hanging out more with friends. Happens when you're suddenly not revolving your life around someone else (he who shall not be named). Guy friends & girl friends are vastly different. With my girl friends, we routinely tell each other "I love you". Can't do that with a guy friend. I've had quite a few of my male friends profess deep feelings for me. That "I love you" might come off wrong. This is especially true with my friend High Five. Long story short, we had a first date in which he gave me a high five at the end of the night. Hence, High Five. Now, we are good friends. But, we get drunk together & lines get blurry. Even when I was in my last relationship, High Five got very "handsy" when he was drunk. My friend, Shelly was profoundly disturbed by it. I spent my night readjusting his hands and lips.
Guys are also not the best slumber party guests. My female friends aren't dropping hints about having sex when they stay over.
But, I like the company of both sexes. I'm thankful to have friends who love me and save my sanity.