Monday, February 13, 2012


I had a guy message me on the dating website. Ok, still not dating for six months, but love this website. I don't have to shop, but I can browse. Anyway, he was very persistent & wanted to text. My co-workers urged me to give in since he was good-looking. We spent a day of texting. Only a day because he was a weirdo. I find out he's a cop. Not thrilled. Cops are the man. I can't consort with the man. This is the girl who doodled anarchy symbols in high school! So, that was red flag number one.
Red flag number two was his invasive questions & his aggression. He was insisting on hearing my voice. No, sir, I don't like to talk on the phone. Then, came the questions. "Can I ask you something personal?". Me-"I guess". Wait for it... "What's your bra size & are you on birth control?". Yep. Creep. Curiosity always gets the best of me, so I slightly indulged him by saying no to the bc question. He proceeds to tell me "that's a shame" because he doesn't use condoms or "pull out". Well, we have a class act on our hands. He goes on to say that condoms don't prevent Aids or "herpies". Um, yes, they do. We debate back & forth until I say this point is not negotiable & went to bed. He texted back "Goodnight, xoxo". Really?
The next day he tries to start up a conversation. I said I no longer wanted to talk to him because of his views on condoms. His suggestion was "maybe I'll meet you & really like you & I might try a condom". No, no, sir. Maybe I should extend this hold on dating until a year. There are no good available men out there. And, don't debate me on this. I don't see anyone showing me anything different.