Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is reality real?

I spend the majority of my time contemplating whether reality is real or if this is all a dream. Maybe we create our reality. Maybe we're in the holographic paradigm. Or it's the Matrix. Absolutely fascinating, nonetheless. I wonder what I would choose- to know the truth or to live in some imagined bliss. Right now, I'd love to have the wool pulled over my eyes & be a dope in a bliss world. I want to be Joey Pants in the Matrix with the juicy steak. Screw reality. I think it's like Inception. Who knows what's real & what's a dream. In my dream, Patrick is my Mal. I'm tortured & anguished like Cobb. Eh, you'd think I'd implant some Tom Hardy into my dream. It's more like a nightmare. I can't escape my thoughts. Is my top still spinning?