Monday, March 5, 2012

What the shit

I watched a tv show last night about abnormal people. There was an albino, black twin, a boy covered in hair like a wolf child, etc. Then, there was the world's tallest man. Or the world's former tallest man (he's been dethroned). Well over seven feet tall. Rough times for this man. Worst of all, he wanted love. So, his friends & family searched & helped him find love in his hometown. Now, you'd think I'd be thrilled & even inspired. Against all odds, he found love. No. Motherfucker found love?! Really? He can find love. Over seven feet tall? And then there's me. Normal girl, normal looks & intelligence. Love? NOOOOO. Oh, can't have that. No, sir. WHAT THE SHIT?! I can't even nail down a date. A fucking date. Dinner and a movie. Coffee. A drink. Nothing. Take a look around tomorrow at all the couples you see. Any of them stand out as spectacular? No. But, they've all found someone, haven't they? Why, my ex was so special he found two somebodies. But, me? Wtf? Now, granted, I was happy for the tall bastard when they updated his story & said he & his wife just welcomed a baby boy to the world. I'm not completely dead inside. It just seems like life is laughing in my face. Not for you. I'm disillusioned, to say the least. Depressed, extremely. Disgusted, I want to put my fist through the wall. Newt Gingrich. Married like three times! Erin Fleming? Sitting alone under an electric blanket watching Netflix ALONE. Bullshit. I'm fun. I'm good times. I like good things. I clean! Ok, maybe I can't cook, but I have so many other skills. I bet fucking Verne Troyer is in bed with someone right now.