Saturday, March 24, 2012

I like you a lot

I recently started talking to someone I met online. We clicked instantly. He lives in Alabama, of course. Why would he be close? I've rarely clicked with anyone this fast. It's bizarre. We have SO much in common, right down to possible A.D.D. I never talk on the phone, even to my closest friends. I talk to him on the phone everyday. I delight in talking to him. A very good friend of mine experienced this same thing not long ago. I remember her asking if I thought two people could fall in love before ever meeting. I said definitely. That's the hardest part-the emotional connection. A physical connection is easier to find. Finding someone you can talk to & laugh with & enjoy is so difficult to find. For the first time in a long time, I'm smiling again. I'm laughing again. I've learned there's a balance, though. A man can make you smile, but friends can make you smile just as much. I'll never forget that. I feel myself liking him more and more each day and trying to resist what I think are feelings developing. But, he's fantastic. Truly fantastic.