Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to lose a guy in 14 days

I met a guy online & we clicked like I've never clicked with anyone before. We texted & talked on the phone all the time. I never talk on the phone. Hate it. Not even to my best friends. I talked to him incessantly. He lived in Alabama. We decided to meet. He came here for what was supposed to be three days & it turned into two weeks. We had a blast. We stayed up every night laughing & talking. I introduced him to my friends & V. It was perfect. Only thing was... He's bi-polar. That's not even an issue with me. I've had friends & loved ones with many chemical imbalances. I knew someone who was bi-polar. But, when they're off their meds, ooooh man, nasty. He went home & turned into Mr. Hyde. He insisted I needed too much reassurance & he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I insisted that he was having a bi-polar episode since his meds were messed up. He was nasty & I hung up on him. Never to hear from him again. Sigh. Oh, well. It's ok. I gained a coffee mug, a flash drive and a sweet flip camera containing video of a drunk, naked me walking like I'm on a catwalk. So, this is a win situation. I've learned a lot- stop being filmed naked, become a cold-hearted bitch, guys that want anal aren't keepers, etc. I'm wiser for the experience. Bullshit. I'm still a jackass when it comes to men.