Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sugar Daddies

A recent, odd part of dating is people offering money for sex or companionship. While I was actually in my last relationship, I had a man offer me $9000 for sex. He friend requested me on FB. I think we had 8 mutual friends, so I accepted. A few minutes later I'm getting messages asking if I'd like to make an easy $9000. After some hilarious and vague messages, the offer was raised to $14000. He claimed it was inheritance money & he wanted a blowjob. Nice, huh? And, sweet Jesus, I considered it for half a second. I'm a poor lady. But, I couldn't. I often compare myself to the character of Ned Stark from Game Of Thrones. I have strong morals. Ned may lose his head but he has his dignity.
Another man on OKCupid messaged me & asked if I like to be pampered. Then, sent me his phone number with LET ME PAMPER YOU written in all caps. Am I a fool for not accepting these offers? Should I be Littlefinger from Game Of Thrones? I think I'll be Ned & sit here alone with my decapitated head.