Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dating website

I decided to go back to OKCupid. I used it a year ago & met the love of my...I mean, HeWhoShallNotBeNamed. I've met some great guys on there (hi, Chris!). It is, however, quite an adventure for a lady. You can see pictures of who looks at your profile. My average viewer is overweight, bald & has a goatee. That makes me want to give up. There are some really attractive men who check me out. You can find someone you feel you have a connection with. You might start texting back & forth. Next thing you know, boom, penis picture gets sent. Don't know why guys think that's a good thing. Ladies do not want to see junk. Yes, please send me a picture of a fleshy tube accompanied by what looks like deflated oranges with goosebumps. No, thank you. Women like the penis, we just don't want to see it. That's usually how I can tell a good guy from a douche- if he's sent a dick pic or not. Sad but true.