Saturday, January 21, 2012

Biopsy bruise/healing heart

As I was taking my bath today, bathroom barger, a.k.a. Viggo made an interesting observation. He likes to walk in the bathroom regardless of whether I want him there & make some loud observation. If I'm going to the bathroom it's "It stinks in here!" or if it's that time of the month, "Mom, you need to change your period!" (pad in Viggo language). Today, I'm bathing & he says, "Mom, that gross thing on your boob is gone".
Today is also the first day I felt good. Actually had a smile cross my face a few times. It made me realize that I'm healing inside & out. When I had my biopsy, I was in a really bad place. I'd just found out the man I loved had cheated on me. Not good timing. Maybe it was all a physical manifestation for everything that I psychologically knew was wrong. Just odd that I feel good and that awful bruise is gone. My boob still feels weird-I swear I can feel the metal markers they put in & I have a weird, nubby scar. But, that sad bruise is going away & so is this heartache. Thank you, bathroom barger, for pointing it out. However, keep your thoughts about my poop to yourself & shut the bathroom door.