Friday, January 27, 2012

One night of fun

So, I kind of let loose the other night. I've had a mutual flirtation with a guy for awhile who I met through his job. He shall remain nameless. Very handsome & kind. We've texted back & forth & talked about hanging out for some drinks & a movie. And, finally it happened. I realized how much I missed just talking to a man. I like manly things-action movies, Hemingway books, MMA fighting. Chicks generally don't discuss that shit. So, I love talking to men. I love drinking & flirting with men. You can playfully lean on them. Of course, anyone who has had drinks with me knows where this leads. Very frisky face feeling & more. It was nice to kiss & feel a man's touch. I miss snuggling & laughing. I miss being a total goof with someone. And, I knew exactly what it was- no expectations. That was nice for a change. Plus, he left lots of alcohol at my apartment. Maybe that's all I need right now. No commitments or expectations. Just a good night of relaxing. If I want to feel love, I have my friends & Viggo. The ones who'll always support me & never hurt me.