Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mental vacation

I've decided to take some time off from thinking about men. Seriously. It's driving me insane. Worrying & wondering & it's not doing me a damn bit of good. I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to occupy my time. Started a painting which I have convinced myself sucks. Watched a couple of movies from Netflix which did actually suck. I'm talking to you, new Conan The Barbarian. Music makes me cry & podcasts remind me of my ex. The only things bringing me joy are work (?), watching stand-up comedy & my boy. Maybe I should take up a hobby like rug hooking or whittling wood? Whatever, I'm not thinking about men for a while. Yeah, right. I'm thinking about them right now. Shit. No damn men thinking about me, why should I think about them? Sweet Pete, still thinking about them. Clear the mind. Think of baseball. No, that's for sex. I give up. Charlie Brown groan.