Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I can't decide whether I love or hate texting. It is an instantly gratifying thing to contact someone anywhere at anytime. It's even better to not have to actually speak with someone. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate talking on the phone. Texting is ideal. It's also great to say meaningless things like "Can you pick up some bread?" or "Did you ever notice what a big head so-and-so has?". These aren't things you need to dial up a conversation to have. The downfall of texting, at least to me, is people's response time. Women, generally, are very considerate & respond in a timely manner. Men, however, act as if they're in some time vortex where they receive your message at a vastly different time from when it was sent. I get extremely frustrated with almost every man that I text in any context. The exception being, Bob, the father of my child. He's always been a considerate man & responds immediately. My friend, Guy, also responds promptly. We have many discussions about how inconsiderate people are. Every other guy sucks it. Freaking M, would span days and sometimes weeks in between responding to me. I eventually decided I deserved better than that & haven't talked to him since. It's not unusual for a man to text out of the blue, too. Herps just texted me the other day wanting to hang out. What is that shit? Hi, I haven't seen you or talked to you in six months. Want to hang? And this is normal! This is accepted. Sometimes, I'll have deleted someone from my phone, it's been so long since I've heard from them. When they text, you don't know who they are. It's infuriating. I
Tonight, I'm experiencing the feeling of wanting to tell someone off. I texted earlier in the day; no response. Said something else & got a response hours later. The conversation seemed very one-sided. Granted, my views may be screwy due to hormones. I just got the impression that my messages were a hindrance to this person's night. However, I resisted the urge to tell them so. Really, I wanted to send off a mean text. Something really passive-aggressive like, "I feel like I'm bothering you, so I won't. Have a good night". How hard is it to just respond in a timely manner. Shit, just say you don't feel like talking or something. It makes me want to take people's phones and snap them like a Kit Kat bar. Didn't Russell Crowe hit someone with a phone once? Maybe they blew off his text. "Should I gain 50 pounds for this next role?" Next thing you know, someone has a phone upside their head. It's what I feel like doing. I did, however, receive an unsolicited, you are very beautiful text. Can't complain about that. I got another nice text from a friend/former co-worker. Texts aren't all bad. My favorite texts are from my friend, Amy. They're always very random, usually about a celebrity & accompanied by a link or picture. There's a lot of Jon Hamm, sans underwear pics that get swapped. That's when I love texting. As I sit seething and bleeding from my baby maker, I tell myself to stop reading into things. Guys are way different from girls and obviously have a completely different set of texting standards. I'm just going to stop sending out the friendly texts until I get one first. That should curb my anger to some degree. Or the text that I finally just got that said "I miss you". Yes, I'm a jackass that reads into things & overreacts.