Thursday, December 27, 2012

I love the shit out of Pittsburgh

  So, it's officially my second week in Pittsburgh. Lots of things still in boxes. It feels like home a bit. No cable, which is a huge adjustment for me. I always have the tv on, just for noise. I hate quiet. There's wi/fi here, sometimes. I watch a lot of Netflix and DVDs.
  My roommates seem nice. I'll be honest, I'm not even sure how many I have. I've met three. There's one on the mailbox that I haven't met. My friend, Amy, said she imagines it's like the show New Girl, though she's never seen it. I guess the only difference is instead of kooky girl moving in with 3 guys, it's kooky girl living with a couple of gay guys & a possible Russian girl. It's probably more like Mrs. Garrett on The Facts Of Life. These kids are messy. I did their dishes since I was snowed in yesterday.  Someone should inform them there isn't a garbage disposal in the sink. Ew. I don't think the girl who had the room before me ever cleaned the bathroom. I pulled what looked like a small animal out of the bathtub drain. I just want to clean and tidy things.
  The dating scene isn't really happening for me. According to my own statistics, three out of five men are good-looking, however three out of five are also gay. Makes finding a date rather difficult. I've seen M. a few times. I really like him, but who knows what he feels. It's easier to not think about it & keep my heart safe. I suspect, like most men, he's only interested in sex.
  I love it here, already. I love seeing all the different places to go & the endless possibilities. Coming over the bridge into the city is a thrill every time. I can't wait until it's not raining or snowing to explore.  I waxed poetic about it to a customer and she was enchanted by my excited descriptions of how I feel about moving here. I think people can become disenchanted with where they live. Spend some time in Wheeling, and suddenly your town looks spectacular. People are very nice here. Granted, I've seen more public arguments by couples, but overall everyone is cheery. Four out of five people in Wheeling are mean and cranky. (Once again, my own statistic). Understandable. I was miserable. There isn't anything to do. Jobs are scarce. Yesterday when I was snowed in, I walked a block and got Chinese food. How awesome is that? I could have gotten Arab, Italian or bar food on that same block. I love that. I pass a movie theater everyday that shows independent movies. I could throw a stick and hit a coffee shop. I love the shit out of this city. Even if I can't find a man, I'm in love with this city and it'll keep me entertained for a good while. I can't wait to do some exploring. For the first time in my life, I enjoy going places by myself. I just walk around with a stupid smile on my face. I can't believe I finally made it here. I've been happy for two weeks straight. And, oddly, I think I've seen Viggo just as much or more than before. It's a bit of an adjustment staying with my mom, but we're making it work.