Saturday, December 8, 2012


  I just got back from looking at another apartment and now I'm really torn. The neighborhood was very nice, as was the apartment. The room I would have was incredibly spacious. I could fit everything. Plus, it has it's own bathroom. There's on-site laundry. The only issue is parking that I would have to get a permit for. There are four other roommates (3 guys and one girl). I'm a little disappointed that I might not be living in a real life Big Bang Theory (as my friend Becky said) in the other place. C'mon, blonde girl, Vietnamese guy and a German? Hilarity. Considering all the junk I have, I'd be wise to pick the bigger place. Plus, I'm only obligated to live there until April as opposed to July in the other place.
  I'd be pretty close to M. Not sure what's going on there. I wrote him off earlier in the week. He hadn't been returning my texts. He offered to help me look at apartments and when I asked him about an area, he never replied. I said "Never mind, I'll figure it out". Apparently, he felt he would let me "relax a bit". My snarkiness always gets me in trouble. All in all, I'm glad to hear from him. It did teach me that I need to pull back a bit. I was pretty bummed when I didn't hear from him all week. Lots of nights drinking wine and surfing the dating website. I did have a guy contact me from out of the blue. We went on a date almost a year ago. It went well, but then he went to Israel for a while and I didn't hear from him. He's back and flirting. Gay date is still messaging me. That was a year ago. I still think he's gay but he's persistent about trying to get a second date. Dude, you're 22, look 32 and are possibly gay. Let it go. Then, Pepe Le Peu messaged me. We had one date and he went batshit wanting to see me again. No, thank you. Fucking M. I did apologize for being a dick. Why do I have to like anyone? That's weak. I need to man up and not get attached. But, he's very intelligent and I really enjoy his company. Surely, I'll run into some men in Pittsburgh. I hope none of them are exes. Ugh. That's another reason I'm thinking of not moving to the one place. Eerily close to where He Who Shall Not Be Named works. Very close. Too close for comfort. And, not in a Jim J. Bullock fun kind of way. I'm sure I won't be lacking in company.
  Honestly, why didn't I discover wine a long time ago. Very nice. Two glasses give a nice buzz. I slept like the dead last night. It gives you a nice, fuzzy buzz. I wonder if this will be trouble having three young roommates? The other night, I had a man mistake me for 25. He said if his son were single, he'd set me up because we're the same age. I just shook my head and laughed. We're not the same age, but I would possibly date someone that age.
  I'm sure this is full of typos and nonsensical words, since I'm slightly drunk.