Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello, I'm the Doctor

  There's been a ridiculous amount of Doctor Who viewings in this apartment lately. I suggested to Viggo that he might like the show, and voila, he became obsessed. I'm quite all right with that, having loved the show since childhood.
  The Doctor is quite a lonely character. He has a bevy of companions, but always ends up alone. It made me see a metaphor to dating. I feel like the Doctor. I've had companions be with me in the Tardis of life. But, alas, just like the Doctor, I end up alone. Sometimes we pine for the ones who got away and we can't forget (Rose or Patrick). Lots of times, it's like Martha- they travel with you for awhile, but then move onto their own lives. Then, you're alone, looking for adventure, getting hunted by Daleks. Oh, wait, I can't identify with that part. I work 45 hours a week, so I guess that's close enough. I realized how sad his existence is when he's alone. How sad my existence is when I'm alone. Maybe we're just always supposed to shuffle through different companions, never traveling with just one. They may be with you for some time (Bob) or they may be short-lived like Donna Noble or any of my recent encounters. Somewhere out there, is my River Song. Someone who knows all about me and greets me with a "Hello, sweetie". Someone who would sacrifice the universe to keep me around. Ok, no one is going to be that enthused about me, but you get the point. Who knows? I think I think about it too much. Seriously, I'm one step away from writing fan fiction. Get a life, lady.