Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Probably two lonely nights away from

Yeah, is starting to look good. I might have to have an awkward I-don't-know-if-I-believe-in-God discussion, but would it provide a man? Would he be looking for more than sex? I'm very intrigued. By intrigued, I must mean desperate. This is by no means meant to be disparaging to my faithful friends. I quite admire someone who has faith. I've just lost mine. Sometimes, like Fox Mulder, I really want to believe. Most times, reality just slaps me in the face and I can't. Probably a childhood of having religion shoved down my throat didn't help. In fact, I get quite excited on the regular dating site when someone says they're atheist. We can talk Richard Dawkins without an argument and he will never bring up cavemen riding on dinosaurs with a straight face. I feel like I would sizzle if I walked into a church at this point. And, I'd rather take my naps at home instead of a pew. Basically, I'd be a raging hypocrite if I joined this Christian dating site. 
  There's a super hot guy that comes into our store that we've dubbed "Hot Jesus". Long hair and biblically gorgeous. I declared if Jesus looked like him, the churches would be flooded with broads. I'd be in the front row like a Magic Mike premiere, declaring "Amen!". Alas, he's just a regular man with a girlfriend. I encountered a really hot Satanist recently, too. Don't think I could get on board with that, though. There should be a dating website called I' Until then, I'll just stick with what I have. Maybe something will pan out. Currently, I have two potential second dates in the works (what?!) and one potential first date. It's like rolling dice. I should also take up gambling. Combine all my vices. New date is with a lacrosse coach/actor who is very good-looking. Still hoping for a second with either Mars Volta/R.Pat lookalike or Joe #2. We're not even going to talk about the whole Patrick clusterfuck. Moving on.