Friday, July 13, 2012

Will I ever land a 2nd date?

  Recently, I've had three first dates that went well, in my opinion. Men are so hard to judge. I still have contact with all three guys, so I'm assuming this might lead to a second date. The first date was well over a month ago. We talked for hours and walked around. Then, he went to Beirut for vacation.
  The second date was Mars Volta t-shirt if you've read any previous blogs. I'll fully admit our date was a blur but I remember a great time. He is tentatively attending the Doug Benson show with me late this month.
  The third date was with a very handsome man. Runs his own business, lives on the South Side, pulled my chair out for me. Obvious selling points with me, especially that handsome part. We all know I really don't give a shit about money. I don't have and don't expect anyone else to have it either. So, it is odd for me to even be on a date with a guy that's "good on paper". The date went really well, but I drank and vaguely remember sleeping through/watching Shooter with Mark Wahlberg.( He starred in the movie, I didn't actually watch it with Marky Mark).
 I've been trying to judge via text whether or not they're interested. I'm really in the dark here. I'm guessing they are due to the fact that we are in contact. But,then, I responded to the Israeli guy who I didn't want to see again just to spare his feelings. Are these guys as nice as me? No, I doubt it. Guys, on the whole, look out for their own intentions, at least in the dating game. One of them is actually mature, but who knows if that will help. I just want a second freakin' date. Sweet pete, why is this so difficult? Seriously. It makes me get to a weird, mental fork in the road. One way, I give up on dating and save some sanity (and dignity). The other way, I just up the ante and date more guys. I mean, it's like the lottery, you have to play to win. Man, who says these things? Me and 70 year old lottery ticket buyers. Strangely, I'm actually giving less of a shit if I don't get a second date. I think it's more the principle than actually wanting another date. They're cool guys, but, geez, they're not fucking George  Clooney. Not exactly head over heels over anyone I've met. Or, maybe I'm subconsciously keeping myself from feeling anything. That way you don't get hurt. Last time I fell in love, my heart was destroyed and never returned to normal. Is anyone worth that? I guess I just want a second date to see where something could go.