Monday, June 18, 2012

Keeping busy

  What do you do when you take a break from dating? If you're me, a whole lot of weird, random things. I spent almost one whole day wondering about whether Paul McCartney really did die in a 1966 car crash. I wonder throughout the day about "Faul" (fake Paul). Ask me about it. I'll go on and on and on and on.
  I spent a good bit of time researching just how many different Doctor Who actors there have been. They're currently on number eight. That was surprising. David Tennant is the best one. That's just a fact.
  I've taken up some exercising. Face yoga, kegels and my first week of jogging. Making all this shit tight. And, yes, I said face yoga. YouTube that shit. I found a 70 year old woman who looks like she's 40. Kegels are only sensible when you pee a little after a big sneeze. I was inspired by Becky Cantrell to start the couch to 5k. I keep hardcore flirting with the idea of starting a burlesque troupe. Can't do that with an out of shape body.
  I'm reading and watching movies like a fiend. I'm open to suggestions. Please, no girly shit, though. Keep that Nicolas Sparks shit next to your diary and Dirty Dancing dvd. I don't want anything to do with it. I thoroughly loved the movie W.E. and now I'm quite obsessed with Wallis Simpson. What a fucking love story. Edward VIII gave up the damn throne for this woman. That's dedication. It pays to be fashionable. You could snag a prince and inspire him to abdicate.
  Most of my time is focused on Viggo. How can it not be? He's the best thing that ever happened to me. He keeps me sane and sometimes he's the only thing to bring a smile to my face. Plus, he's highly entertaining. Half the shit that comes out of his mouth is pure gold.
  This all might be boring, but, I'll enjoy it for now. We all know I'm too guy crazy to make this retirement last long. I'm probably one week away from another bad date.