Friday, January 24, 2014

First world problems

  Let me start by saying that I'm very grateful to have a roof over my head. I don't take it for granted. However, I can complain about the constant problems where I live. At any given time, my roommate and I are doing without something. This week it's the kitchen sink. The roommate diagnosis is that the pipes are frozen. I think it's because of all the grease he dumps down the drain. Whatever the cause, it's hanging tough in there with an inch of stinking water that cannot be affected by a plunger. It makes me think back to some of the problems we've had here.
  In the five months I've been here, there's been quite a few. I'm trying to decide on the worst. It's a toss up between not having a light in the bathroom and the front door knob that fell off. Both of these problems lasted for two weeks. Imagine taking a freaking flashlight with you to pee in the night. Not fun. Plus, I missed the bathroom mirror to use to get ready in the morning. When I "put my face on" in my bedroom, I end up looking like a drag queen with no skills. The doorknob being missing meant we had to walk around the house to the back door, which had to be left unlocked. Neither of us have a key. Our only alarm system was the metal grate that you can't avoid loudly walking over to get to the back. I imagine maybe moonshiners in the south have the same alarm system.
  A couple of times, we've been without heat. It seems to go out on the coldest days. The polar vortex then resides directly in my soul as well as my room. My room is possibly the coldest at times. Imagine Harry Potter's cubby hole of a room attached a basement door and the draftiest window in existence. Voila, my room. Yes, I know I could move, but this place is cheap and I'm poor. The landlord does fix things in time. I think he's from eastern Europe. His philosophy, I'm sure, is to grow a set and deal with it for a while. Not being accustomed to luxury, I deal with it. It's not like Paris Hilton being dropped off at a farm. But, these things are still a huge nuisance. So, for now, I'll continue to wash my dishes in the bathroom and dream of a working sink.