Thursday, November 29, 2012


  For the first time in four years, I'll be moving. For the first time in four years, I won't be living alone. After months of wanting to work for B&N again, I got hired. I'm super-excited. I'll get to live in Pittsburgh again, which I love. LOVE. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I hate living in Wheeling. Not just Wheeling, but anywhere in this valley. It's just not for me. It will be an adjustment, though. The last time I lived with anyone, I was married. Now, I'm looking for roommates. Still undecided about where I'll live or who it will be with. Part of me is bummed. Ideally, I would like to live alone. I'm an only child. It's what I know. Then again, another part of me is geekily thrilled at the prospect of never being alone. Few have seen my living habits. I pretty much even hid them from past boyfriends. I sleep in curlers a lot. Not sexy. When I first get home, I nearly break my neck trying to get into sweatpants as fast as I can. It's all about sweats and freeballin'. Can't be swinging around the cantaloupes with mixed company. I sleep with the TV on. That may be problematic. Plus, I think I'm slightly deaf from seeing Jesus Lizard live too many times without earplugs. Imagine curlers, sweats, Gary Oldman glasses and a loud TV. Can anyone put up with this? Shit, is this why I'm single? Goddamn, is this a revelation? No. Are people that shallow? Shit, yes they are. Maybe I'm onto something. However, that's a problem for another time. I need to be prepared to co-exist with others. My co-workers will tell you I'm horrible with other people's food. Note to self, don't eat other people's food. Ok. I wash my hair in the sink. Apparently, no one does this. They'll think I'm a weird, country girl. I'll give WV a weird image. Oh, who gives a shit? I think the jacked-up trucks with fake balls hanging off the licence plates do that. Do I do anything else abnormal? This is like George Clooney asking if he's good-looking today. OF COURSE! I can't be hanging tough in the bathtub like I always do, listening to podcasts. I can't be strumming the ukulele and singing to Arcade Fire. Essentially, I will just have to curb my weirdness a bit. Or reign it in like a wild horse, depending on who you ask. Regardless, I'm ready for this. I'm so pumped about living in Pittsburgh again. Anytime I want to see a good movie, I can. Anytime I want to check out a comedy show, I can drive a short distance instead of an hour. I can go on dates without some ridiculous pre-planning. Also, according to my own statistics, three out of five men in Pittsburgh are good-looking. In Wheeling, it's like one in 500. It's rough. Most men here look like Randy Quaid. That's not what I want in a man. I can get coffee or Indian food. I can go to the museum or the zoo. The possibilities for fun are endless. Now, I'm not saying life will be perfect. But, after this past year, I deserve some happiness. It's finally arrived.