Monday, April 7, 2014

Michael Fassbender, you trouble maker

  In my last blog, I was irritated with my boyfriend for remarking that some girls on the trolley looked good. He was trying to express to me that although girls may look good, he hates to hear their conversations and is glad he has me. All I heard was "girls look good" and wigged out. I should've been flattered that he enjoys talking with me because I feel most people tune me out. Instead, I said something about Michael Fassbender being hot. It has now turned into a debate. I think it's a joking one, but we're texting, so I can only imagine it's the case. He told me Fassbender wasn't that great and only rated .75 Hugh Jackmans. He then asked "How many Hugh Jackman units do you think he is?" I told him Jackman doesn't even compare. So, he moved onto Tom Hardy. Same answer. Then, Ryan Gosling. After receiving the same answer as Jackman and Hardy, all he said was "This conversation is over." Fassbender has come out on top. But, my bf is just as jealous as I am and I may be stuck kissing my GQ covers rather than a sexy Russian.