Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is wrong with some women

  This title isn't a question. I'm going to tell you what's wrong with some women. It's a certain demographic-middle aged and up housewives. They've never worked a day in their lives and don't get enough attention from their husbands/family. Trust me, you encounter this type of lady in every retail and grocery store out there.The  perfect example happened to me and my boyfriend tonight. We stopped at a Chinese Buffet. As we're waiting to be seated, an older woman comes in for a pick-up order and somehow gets waited on ahead of us. She then proceeds to draw out the interaction for as long as she can. "Well, what's in this won ton soup? My husband can't eat...." Rather than let the woman seat us, she takes us as much of this woman's time as humanly possible. I knew deep down inside that she was delighted. I see this all day everyday. She was getting attention. Attention from the Chinese lady, glaring stares from me; it was her paradise. I do social experiments all the time at work. Try it for yourself if you work in retail. Take today, for example. I was building a table display. At one point, the whole half side of the table was bare, the other half filled with books. Suddenly, there's a small group of  various women milling around this table to the point where I can't work on it. But, I know their game. What they want is for me to get bothered that they're in the way. I know this because they stand at the empty spots. It's weird. But, I'm not new to this dog and pony show. I walk away and do something else entirely. After less than a minute, they disperse. No one is there to give them attention. Sadly, negative attention is mostly what they crave. Like a bad child, who continuously does bad things to get their parents attention, these bitches spend their days trying to mentally smother people everywhere. You see them at the grocery store, pulling out their checkbook to pay for things. Who uses a checkbook? Bitches who need attention, that's who. You seem them at retail stores complaining about everything from the price of an item to the state of the restroom. Most of all, they're just in your way. They walk slow and zig-zaggy ( all the harder for you to get around them). They purposefully stand in front of displays for ridiculous amounts of time. Just look and you'll notice them. Try my social experiments if you work in retail. I've been doing it for years and it never fails. I know I'll never become one of these creatures simply because I have manners. That, and I've worked in retail for many years.