Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14

  One day can change a life. It may be a marriage or a birth. Ours was a death. Life as we knew it changed. After much time, it was possible to go days without tears. But, those moments find you when you least expect it. Holidays are the worst. Dreams haunt us every night. I know when I smile that some twinkle has been stolen. When I see my boy in contemplation, I curse this day. He was robbed. The world was robbed of this man. But, anyone who knew him would agree that he would hate our tears. He tried to lighten every situation with his jokes and that gorgeous, dimpled smile. Bob, we miss you. Your boy is happy, just know that. It's my number one priority. I like to think you can see. He misses you. Your sisters and your mom miss you. The world misses you. You were taken too soon. Forgive our tears. We'll equal them with laughs in your honor. You were such a good man.