Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ghost Adventures

  "Ghosting" can happen to anyone, but it's especially prevalent in the dating world. It's when someone you're communicating with, all of a sudden, stops communicating back. I've experienced a couple of cases of it very recently. 
  First, and the most perplexing, happened a couple of weeks ago. I was at work and noticed an attractive, dark haired guy in the store. He wasn't looking at anything in particular and always seemed to appear wherever I was. After work, I went to a going away get together for a friend from work. While there, I get a message on a dating site from the guy at the store. We strike up a good conversation and exchange phone numbers. We text the next day and he proceeded to ask me out for a drink that coming Monday. Normally, I wouldn't due to having my boy, but I worked early and figured I could fit in an hour to meet after work. Monday comes and suddenly he texts, cancelling, saying he's "coming down with an illness". Yeah, right. Whatever. I texted the next day, asking how his "illness" was. Nothing. I waited another day, then texted-"Must've been a fatal illness." Totally ghosted. Infuriating because he pursued me. In the end, I think he has a girlfriend. When you exchange phone numbers and you're phone is linked to Facebook, they show up in your suggested friends list. Naturally, I creeped on him. I happened to click on one of his female friends. Her profile declared she was in a relationship with him. Regardless of the true state of this relationship, I guess it's good I got ghosted. 
  I've had another ghosting which was more disappointing. I've been on quite a few dates with one guy over the past year. We get along really well. However, we only communicate via email due supposedly to his sleep habits. He works overnight. I'm skeptical, but not serious about the whole situation. We've kept up communication until recently. My emails have gone unanswered. Bummer because I lent him a book. 
  Guys seem so flaky. Is it so hard to be honest? Throw caution to the wind and send out a text saying you started seeing someone else. Or, hey, I'm not into this anymore. This is why, I think it would be great to start my own ghost hunting team. Just like the paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and Paranormal State. But, I investigate ghosting phenomena of the dating world. I'm going to get a gelled up, muscular Axe body using guy to accompany me. We'll hunt down "ghosts", he'll get in their face and yell things like "Is there someone here?! Would you like to communicate with us?!" 
  We'll have all the special equipment like E.V.P. machines and Ouija boards. Maybe a couple of lockdown episodes. I want answers and my partner and I will get them. Wait until we bring in our medium. She'll have some insight. Her insight may be that I should devote my time to something more worthy like knitting or picking up garbage by the side of the road. The exorcism will surely work wonders. It involves a smudge stick, holy water, and the smashing of the ghost's cell phone. I'd watch the shit out of this show if I weren't the one coming up with it.