Saturday, August 30, 2014

New place

  We've officially been in our new apartment for almost a month. We LOVE it. To compare it to the old place would be like going from dating George Costanza to Don Draper. There's tons of sunlight, all hardwood floors. It's gorgeous. It reminds me of a bungalow in California. Of course, there are some first world inconveniences. We haven't had cable or internet this whole time. I owed a ton of money to comcast. After paying it off, our scheduled hook up date got pushed back. Most of the time, we were fine. I read three books this month. Viggo has occupied himself playing with toys and using his imagination. However, it's getting to us. We could hear our neighbor downstairs watching Doctor Who. It was like a sirens call. I wanted to beg him to let us watch it with him even though I hadn't met him, yet. We've resorted to DVDs. I've thirsted for something to watch so much that I've watched the awful Transformers movie twice. At night, we've been watching season three of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Viggo loves the shit out of it. Maybe not the best show for a ten year old to watch. I learned this the other day when he asked what an abortion is. Horrified, I asked why he wanted to know. He replied, "That's what Charlie's mom had." He's also taken to fake cussing. Saying things like "holy sit" and "son of a bench". The era of Sunny is coming to an end. 
  I've taken to taking showers. Anyone that knows me knows I panic in the shower. Water gets in my eyes and it immediately see dragons in my head and freak out. Don't ask me why. But, our water pressure here is little to nil. I tried washing my hair in the sink, like usual. The pipes started making this screaming noise. I'm too old and stiff to maneveur washing it in the bathtub. Plus, my hair looks like Jerry's did in the episode of Seinfeld when his water pressure changed. (Yes, my second Seinfeld reference. If you don't like it, shut it.)
  The other bad thing is Viggo has to walk home from school. Baffling, because there's a school literally a few blocks away. However, they changed the districts and he now goes to a school not quite a mile away. I get him to school but he has to walk home. I immediately called him when he got home his first day. He told me he had to "take a lot of risks" walking.  
  "First, the was no crossing guard. Then, there were 15 bees and I had to cross the street. I had to take an alternate route because some man was mowing the grass, getting it all over the sidewalk. I didnt want to get my shoes dirty and I didn't want to disturb him by asking him to stop so I took another route." 
  Luckily, he's fine on his walks and enjoys school. He's made two friends named Thomas. One lives on our street & they have a lot in common. He's Thomas Fry or "Fryguy" as Viggo has nicknamed him. 
  Life is very good. We're very happy. Tomorrow, we're finally getting cable and internet. My friend, Mark, bought us a totally kickass tv. We're going to be living the life of Riley. For the first time, in a long time, we're both very happy.