Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's that day tomorrow

  Valentine's Day is only ever one of two things:glorious or dreaded. There aren't any people out there who have "eh" feelings about it. Most likely, you're a man, it's an obligation and you dislike it. Or you're a woman, know you will get something and love it. Your dating/marital status also determines your love/hate for this holiday. I don't know what to expect. I've been seeing the same guy for exactly a month today, who may or may not want a relationship in the future. I'm a notorious, great gift giver. When I was first dating Bob, the ex husband, I got him an acoustic guitar, which he still has to this day. I try to really aim for something someone wants, but maybe can't or won't buy for themselves. I considered getting my non-boyfriend (NBF) a session with a chiropractor. He mentions it frequently and I found a few places offering half-off, first visits. That is, until he declared that he might not want a relationship. I believe, I drunkenly told him of my plan and said "Not now!". A lot of interesting things came out of my mouth after that bomb was dropped. Four beers and disappointment are not a good combination. Nothing seems to have changed between us, in a good way. We still spend almost every night together, cuddling in bed. We text throughout the day and say we miss each other. Like I said, he doesn't have to label what we are, I just want to be the only non-labeled girl in his love life. I'm not a sharer. I'll never be a sister wife or even part of a threesome. I'm jealous. It's not going to change.
  My solution for a present was to buy sexy coupons. It's a goofy pack of coupons that say things like "One coupon for any way you like it" or "You get a free striptease". Not typically something I would buy, but I was stumped. I knew I had to go cheap and non-committal with this gift. I couldn't get anything too nice or he'd think I want to chain him in my basement and force-marry him. I didn't want to completely skip it, either. That's just not me. I'm very giving. So, sexy coupons. Personally, I LOVE getting something for Valentine's Day. I'm very traditional. I love roses, chocolate, etc. But, I have zero expectations this year. It's just a weird holiday to fall this soon in my non-relationship. I'll be spending the day with my true valentine, Viggo. That's all I need. I know exactly what to get him and I know I can smother him with mommy kisses. As long as I have my baby, I can survive this stupid holiday.