Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What a night

  We had a kind of harrowing experience tonight. We were at home, relaxing on the couch. Our kitty was by the window, laying on the radiator. Suddenly, she fell over backwards, wedging herself between the wall and the radiator. It's such a tiny space that I'm baffled as to how she even got stuck there in the first place. And, she was really stuck. I quickly ran and turned the heat down. Not only was she wedged into this tiny space, I was afraid she was going to get burned by the heat. This atrocious crying started coming from her, which made Viggo panic and start crying. In the past, Bob was always the calm one. Now, I have to be the calm one. Secretly, I was totally losing my shit, but I had to calm him and the cat down. "It's ok, it's ok" was a mantra I repeated in a sing-song voice to both of them. I didn't know if or how I was going to get her out of there. I had visions of having to call the fire department, but there wasn't time. Frantically, I pulled her little arms up while Viggo pushed up her bottom half with his hockey stick. It took a few tries, but I got her out. Poor V cried so hard out of relief. I felt for him so much. It made me think of the panic and fear he must've felt when he saw his dad die. You're helplessly watching something you love suffering. It breaks my heart that he ever saw that. He's bothered by the kitty's cries, so you can imagine what else is inside his head. 
  He has thanked me countless times for "saving her life" tonight. I told him we did it together. I constantly doubt whether I'm a good mother or not. But, tonight I realized I am capable of thinking calmly in an emergency and getting things under control. I took care of this crazy cat and this boy who means more than anything to me. That counts for something. It's a crazy, silly thing that happened but it scared the shit out of me. The bad things that occur are good for the aspect of making you appreciate the little things.